Book: Sunshine and Daniel (paperback)
  • Book: Sunshine and Daniel (paperback)
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Child loss is not a new phenomenon.

It's been with us since the beginning of time. You would think after all these years, we'd be better equipped to help mothers through such a mournful time. Unfortunately, there's little assistance available. Not in social programs or, sadly, even in the faith community. In fact, depending on the nature of the mother's loss, and her perceived part in it, comfort or consolation may be completely absent. It leaves many women feeling isolated and alone, remaining silent, never speaking their truth, only spiraling into despair.

Yet, hope is available. It is found in the hearing and studying of the stories and perseverance of women who share the experience of this most devastating loss. Together these women are sisters. Sisters who have much to share and teach each other about the power of feminine strength and endurance. Some of these women live today and bravely share their stories. Others lived long ago, but their tales speak to us through the pages of the Bible. All give childless mothers hope and encouragement.

In Sunshine and Daniel: Seeking Grace in Lost Motherhood, author Kim Paris Upshaw takes us on a journey from loss to love, walking hand in hand with these women, our sisters. With each step along the pages of this unique storytelling-Bible study experience, these special mothers learn to be free from the shame, guilt and sadness of their loss to receive God's amazing grace, peace and love in their lives again. Kim artfully interweaves her own story of the loss of her two children with the stories of these women, reminding each reader, "You are not alone, my sister! Your story is our story. Yet, there is more in store for you. And there's more living for you to do, and love for you to give."

"This diverse and articulate book can help countless women move from heartbreak to healing, shedding their shame and soothing their souls one page at a time." Kirkus Reviews

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